Things To Do On A Cold Day Inside With Friends

Why aren’t you outside right now? It’s cold. There is snow, slush, sleet and ice (actual ice not frozen water you pansies). When I found this out I was devastated; the only way to redeem myself is to imagine all of you inside and comfortable.

That’s when it hit me…there are so many things that one can do while bundled up on the couch with some hot chocolate and friends by your side.

Have A Bonfire In Your Living Room

Things To Do On A Cold Day Inside With Friends

If there’s one thing that will get people to come over, it’s a bonfire. And if you don’t have a backyard, you can still have a good time indoors. Get some wood, get some matches and you’re set!

Bring Food In From An International Restaurant

The best way to share culture with your friends is through food. If you live near an international grocery store or restaurant, go there and bring back some treats for everyone. It’ll be fun to try new things, plus it’ll give them something to talk about when they go home!

Make New Holiday Recipes That You Find Online

Things To Do On A Cold Day Inside With Friends

I love trying new recipes, especially during the holidays. I’ve found so many great recipes online and want to share them with all of you. I’ve found some delicious desserts, appetizers and even main courses that I think would be great for Christmas dinner or any other holiday dinner.

Play Board Games And Have A Competition To See Who Wins

Things To Do On A Cold Day Inside With Friends

Board games are such fun ways to spend time with friends. They don’t take up much space and they can be played in any room in your house or even outside if it’s warm enough! You can play them while watching movies or while enjoying the fireplace on a cold winter day.

Attend Virtual Concerts Or Artistic Performances

Things To Do On A Cold Day Inside With Friends

There are so many amazing artists out there that have made their work available to the world. I love checking out art museums, but they can be kind of a hassle to get to. Thankfully, there is a whole bunch of great visual art on the internet. Check out some of these sites for some awesome art that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. The Internet Archive has an incredible collection of archived material, including movies and TV shows. There’s also the Art Gallery app for Android and Apple devices, which allows users to view images from around the world in real time.

Call People On The Phone For Hours

If you have friends who live far away and can’t make it over this week, give them a call! You don’t need to go out or buy anything special; just sit down with your phone and chat with each other until you run out of things to say (which might not happen!).

Learn How To Do Yoga Or Meditation Together And Learn With Each Other

Things To Do On A Cold Day Inside With Friends

Yoga can be a fun way for you and your friends to stay active. It also has many benefits, like improving flexibility, strength and balance. If you have never tried yoga before, it may seem intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see how fun and beneficial it is!

Meditation is another great activity to do with friends. It helps reduce stress levels, boosts creativity and increases self-awareness. Meditation doesn’t require any equipment or prior experience — all you need is yourself and some time alone.


Hopefully, this list has offered some inspiration for what to do on a cold day with your friends. For more ideas on things to do during the colder months, it’s best to ask your friends. They might have some great ideas that they’ve been holding onto all winter.

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