Top 8 Scary Movie Characters For Halloween

When it comes to horror movie characters, there are a few that stand out above the rest. Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Leatherface, Chucky, Pinhead, The Creeper, and Samara Morgan are some of the most iconic and well-known characters in the genre. But what makes them the best?

For one thing, these characters are all incredibly unique. Each one has their own signature look and set of skills that make them truly terrifying. They also come from different backgrounds and motivations, which makes them even more interesting.

Another reason why these characters are the best is because they’ve been around for so long. Many of them have been in multiple movies and have become household names. This longevity is a testament to how popular and well-loved they are by fans of the genre.

Freddy Krueger

Top 8 Scary Movie Characters For Halloween

Born in a small town in Ohio, Freddy Krueger was always a bit of an outsider. He was the son of a convicted murderer and grew up in a run-down house on the wrong side of the tracks. Despite his humble beginnings, Freddy had a gift for making people laugh. He began performing comedy shows in local clubs and soon became a national sensation.

However, it was his role as the demonic child killer in the “Nightmare on Elm Street” movies that made him an international horror icon. With his burned face, razor-sharp claws and eerie sense of humor, Freddy became one of the most popular villains in movie history. Over the years, he has appeared in several sequels and spin-offs, cementing his place as one of Hollywood’s most recognizable monsters.

Jason Voorhees

Top 8 Scary Movie Characters For Halloween

Jason Voorhees is a fictional character from the Friday the 13th series. He first appeared in Friday the 13th (1980) as the young son of camp counselor, Alice Hardy.

He was killed by an oncoming car. In Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981), he returns as a grown man, now with a machete and a hockey mask, seeking revenge on those who wronged him. He becomes one of horror’s most iconic villains.

Jason has been featured in eleven films, novels, comic books, video games, and toys. He is widely considered to be one of horror’s greatest villains.

Michael Myers

Top 8 Scary Movie Characters For Halloween

Michael Myers is a fictional character from the Halloween series of slasher films. He first appears in John Carpenter’s Halloween as a young boy who murders his older sister, then fifteen years later returns home to Haddonfield to kill more teenagers.

Michael Myers is an iconic figure in horror movies and is one of the most famous movie villains of all time. His popularity has led to him appearing in several sequels and spin-offs, as well as inspiring many imitators. Michael Myers is a fascinating character and continues to terrify audiences decades after his first appearance on the big screen.


Top 8 Scary Movie Characters For Halloween

Leatherface is a fictional character in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. He wears a mask made of human skin and uses a chainsaw as his primary weapon. The character is inspired by Ed Gein, a real-life serial killer who wore masks made from the skin of his victims.

Leatherface first appeared in the 1974 film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, which was directed by Tobe Hooper. The movie was based on the true story of Ed Gein, and it became one of the most successful independent films of all time. Leatherface has since appeared in several sequels and spin-offs, including a remake of the original film.

Despite his gruesome appearance, Leatherface has become something of a pop culture icon. He has been featured in video games, comics, and even an episode of The Simpsons.


Top 8 Scary Movie Characters For Halloween

Chucky is a fictional character and the main antagonist of the Child’s Play horror film franchise. He is portrayed as a Living Doll who repeatedly murders people. Chucky has been voiced by Brad Dourif in all of the films, except for the 2017 reboot, in which he was portrayed by Mark Hamill.

The character was created by Don Mancini and has appeared in seven films to date, with an eighth currently in development. The first film, Child’s Play, was released in 1988 and became a cult classic. It spawned five sequels: Child’s Play 2 (1990), Child’s Play 3 (1991), Bride of Chucky (1998), Seed of Chucky (2004), and Curse of Chucky (2013). A television series, titled Chucky, is also in development.


Top 8 Scary Movie Characters For Halloween

Few horror movie villains have reached the level of cult icon status as Pinhead. The character, who first appeared in the 1987 film Hellraiser, has since become one of the most recognizable and feared movie monsters. So who is Pinhead and why is he so famous?

Pinhead is the leader of a group of creatures known as the Cenobites, who are from another dimension. They are known for their sadomasochistic tendencies and often torture their victims for pleasure. Pinhead himself is distinguished by his numerous piercings and the metal pins that protrude from his head.

While he may be a fictional character, there is no denying that Pinhead has had a huge impact on popular culture. He has appeared in several films over the years, including Hellbound: Hellraiser II and Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth.

The Creeper

Top 8 Scary Movie Characters For Halloween

The Creeper is one of the most famous monsters in horror movie history. He first appeared in the classic Universal Monsters film The Invisible Man Returns (1940), and has since been featured in numerous other films, TV shows, and video games.

So who is The Creeper, and why is he so famous?

The Creeper is a monster that resembles a human-like creature with green skin, sharp claws, and a hideous face. He first appears in The Invisible Man Returns, where he terrorizes an innocent woman.

The Creeper quickly became a fan-favorite monster thanks to his unique look and terrifying demeanor. He has since appeared in such classic horror films as House of Frankenstein (1944), House of Dracula (1945), and Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948).

Samara Morgan

Top 8 Scary Movie Characters For Halloween

Samara Morgan is a fictional character from the horror film The Ring. She is portrayed by Daveigh Chase in the 2002 American remake of the film and by Naomi Watts in the sequel, The Ring Two.

Samara was born on June 13th, 1987, to Evelyn and Richard Morgan. When she was seven years old, her mother committed suicide by jumping off a cliff into a river with Samara in her arms. Samara survived but was left with severe burns on her face. She was then placed into foster care and spent the next few years of her life moving from home to home.

At the age of 12, Samara killed her first victim, a boy named Aidan Keller who had bullied her at school. She used her powers to make him see images of his deceased mother before killing him.

What Makes A Great Horror Movie Character?

What makes a great horror movie character? This is a question that has been debated by fans and filmmakers for decades. There are many different factors that can make or break a horror movie character. Here are some of the most important elements that go into making a great horror movie character.

One of the most important elements of a great horror movie character is likability. The audience needs to be able to root for the character, even if they are flawed. A likable character is someone who the audience can empathize with and sympathize with. They need to be someone who the audience wants to see triumph in the end.

Another important element of a great horror movie character is their motivation. Why are they doing what they’re doing? What drives them? A strong motivation will make the character more relatable and sympathetic.

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